Handmade Rubber Band Chair, Preston Moeller 01

Handmade Rubber Band Chair, Preston Moeller 02

We’re already got used to seeing new forms of art, that use all kinds of materials and tools, but not all of us know that people also enjoy creating furniture out of unusual materials. One of these pieces of furniture is a chair made out of 65.000 colorful rubber bands. The rubber band ball idea was already old, so Preston Moeller, a senior at Appalachian State University decided to create a chair using the same resources. Of course, there aren’t many shops that store 65.000 rubber bands, so Preston had to travel the country to buy this impressive quantity. Most of the time, he bought the entire stock of the shops he entered in. He spent only $200 on everything, but he needed to invest a lot of time, 336 hours to be precise, and of course, a lot of patience. Preston also won $3,000 with his chair, and now, the artist uses it daily. Even if it looks light and colorful, the chair is very heavy, mainly because of the 12-inch steel rods that were used for shaping this unique piece of furniture. Already three years have passed since Moeller finished his work, but he is aware of the fact that it may not last forever, since other creations of his looked brand new for four or five years. Source

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