The Devils Kettle Water Sinkhole, No One Knows Where It Leads

A lot of mysteries are yet unresolved around the world, and one of them is in the middle of the Minnesota state. This state is well known for the fact that it has an approximate of 10,000 lakes, but these are not the only bodies of water found here. Some of them are weirder than others, and one of the oddest is Devil’s Kettle. Well, the name says a lot, doesn’t it? It all looks like a normal river, until it splits in two over a rock. One part, the eastern one, is pretty normal; it falls into a waterfall and then continues its course. It’s the other part of the river that’s rather strange, because it looks like it falls into nowhere, because it simply disappears into a hole in the ground. Some say that the explanation is pretty simple. This part may rejoin the other part of the river somewhere on the way, without it being visible, but the theory is not yet confirmed. Some researchers tried to figure out where the water may go by coloring the water and putting ping pong balls in it to see where or when they come back, but they disappeared as well. An urban legend also said that a car fell here as well at some point, but let’s hope that’s not true (but who’s gonna believe a car drove all the way into a forest just to go down a huge devil’s drain, right?).
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