German Couple's Castle Backyard 01

German Couple's Castle Backyard 02

German Couple's Castle Backyard 03

What’s the point in having kids and nephews if you’re not gonna have a fairy tale castle, right? I mean, it’s brutal to read them stories about kings and queens, if they don’t have a castle. But Heinz and Hildegard Schonewolf already thought about that. They dedicated the last 37 years of their life to create a lovely castle in their backyard. This is not only a life-size castle, this is 350 square foot and it is actually livable. It is located in a German town, called Dudweiler, and it seems that this is the place where princesses will come from. It was made out of stones, bricks and some cement, and of course, painted on the outside. This couple did not even go on a holiday during these 37 years; they spent their time making the castle better every day. They don’t think it will ever be finished, because they would always improve it, but Heinz made it open to the public, and you can actually visit it for free. Hopefully people will donate some cash for the upkeep.

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